what happened last night? why r u so happy



i went to a music festival until like 2am and then after my friend invited me to this kickback and i met a bunch of people nd there was this one boy that kept smiling at me all night and around 4am when everyone was heading to sleep i wasn’t tired so i went and found that boy and he was awake too then we stayed up until 8:30 talking and goofing around nd making pillow forts and stuff we got along so well then right before i had to leave we kissed it was nice
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im going to hangout with him again right now wish me luck :-)


affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it

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this lil thot of mine im gon let it shine

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Leaving you behind was like having my arm amputated. I know it was bruised and broken and fucked up beyond repair and it needed to go, but it was still my fucking arm. It was still you. - i hope you know this changes nothing
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